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FJ60 FJ62 Front door trim  (each)      $50.00

Windshield wiper cover gasket  

Fits 1978-1984 (8)                             $45.00

Windshield wiper cover gasket  

Fits 1975-1977 (7.5)                              $45.00

FJ40 Jump Seats (pair)             $480.00

Steel Front half doors Fits 1964-1984 (pair)        $1250.00

We have for sale a complete set of Front half doors to fit 1964 to 1984. Made out of steel 18 gauge. It comes with the hardware included as you see it on the pictures. If you have any questions, please send us an email at parts@pacolonline.com.   

FJ60 FJ62 Rear bi-fold Cushion trim  



FJ60 FJ62 Rear door trim (each)        $52.00


Brake Hoses kit FJ40's FJ55    $110.00

FJ60 FJ62  Front and Rear door trim

                 (4 pieces)                     $185.00